Gail Descoeurs
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'A Way'
12" x 16" oil
'If I could find a way to free your heart. If I could light the way to your shining star would you walk with me?'

'Love is Space '
20" x 40" oil
'Love has no barriers or boundaries.'

'You Should Be Here '
20" x 20" oil

'The Keeper'
20" x 28" oil
The Keeper is dedicated to those brave souls who exercise the courage to leave shore and find their way home.

'Breathing The In Between'
30" x 40" oil
'You and me were always with each other
Before we knew the others were ever there
Two minds that think as one
Two hearts searching for the same light
Just like the breath needs air'

10" x 40" oil
'Know beyond a doubt your heart will lead you there soon.'

'Sudden Immersion'
16" x 18" oil
'Reminds me where I came from and where I will go.'

'Unforgettable Fire'
10" x 40" oil

'Earth's Delight'
15" x 30" oil
'Nature is painting for us day after day.'

'A Montreal Storm Watch'
18" x 48" oil

'Be Still and Know - Marsh at Dawn'
24" x 48" oil

'The Still Before Fury'
24" x 48" oil
Second Prize Winner, International Artist Magazine Landscape Competition, Feb/March 2009
see article (click)

'Storm Clouds over Montreal'
24" x 48" oil

24" x 48" oil
Limited Editions Available Upon Request

'Charlevoix - Tranquility'
10" x 20" oil

'A Summer's Breeze'
24" x 60" oil

'Splendour '
10" x 40" oil
'Baie St-Paul Charlevoix.'

'Serenity - The prayer'
24" x 48" oil
'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.'

'Lac Descoeurs'
11" x 14" oil

'Blazing Maple'
36" x 24" oil
Limited Editions Available Upon Request

'Remember Me - Hayrolls in the Spring'
20" x 10" oil

'Hurry Home''
18" x 36" oil

'Friday Morning''
24" x 48" oil

'Welcome Home''
24" x 36" oil
Limited Editions Available Upon Request

'Plenitude Of Power''
24" x 48" oil on canvas

'I shall be a Niagara Falls ..... I AM !!!'

'Eboulement- Landslide'
16" x 20" oil
'....and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills till the landslide brought me down. Fleetood Mac.'

10" x 14" oil on canvas

'Our noisy years seem moments in the being Of the eternal silence'
Jorge Guillen

'Symphony of Light'
30" x 30" oil
'Float down like autumn leaves and become lovers of light.'

'Fellowship '
10" x 40" oil
'Together we stand.'

'Soul Mates''
30" x 36" oil

'In your light I learn how to love. in your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.'

'Into the Echo'
64" x 24"

'A mountain keeps an echo deep inside itself.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep....... '

'Come Away'
10" x 20"

'Wake me up when it's all over!'

'When Dreams may Come'
16" x 20"

'Truth exposed in the blinding light. Nothing as I thought it had been.
Nothing as I hoped it had been. Only as it had been.'

'I Was There'
20" x 24"

I am here in this painting.
I was there in the hair of your brush.
I was there in your breath.
I was there in your thoughts.
I was there.


'Moving In Time'
18" x 36"

'Tomorrow comes but just not today. Each day in itself brings with it an eternity.'

30" x 40"
'The trees stand motionless as if they did not dare to stir, lest it should break the spell.'

'Soul of the World'
18" x 24"

'Don't be afraid to listen.'

'Wind Beneath My Wings'
48" x 60" oil
'Thank God for You the wind beneath my wings.'

'Letting Go'
30" x 60" oil
'Don't be afraid to live with nothing because at the end this nothing is what support you.'

'Even Still'
10" x 40" oil
'She rules her life like a bird in flight and who will be her lover.'

'After The Storm'
36" x 72" oil
'I found the small path known of old that strecthes far away to liberation. It is adored with white, blue, yellow, green and red.'

18" x 36" oil
'I ran so far away - somewhere only we know.'

30" x 48" oil
'You are the one voice that gives me my own voice and now I've got my arms wide open now we've got my wishes in motion and I want to thank you! You are water!'

30" x 30" oil
'Surrounded by Your Glory.'

12" x 24" oil
'Awaiting in silence. Come, I will take you into the sea of Bliss.'

'Sound Waves'
12" x 36" oil
'Space in the space of love.'

20" x 20" oil
'I dreamt you bewitched me.'